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Family Business Since 1769

About us

The entrepreneurial story of the family can be considered to have had its start in 1768 when Matti Samuelinpoika invested in farming by redeeming from the crown the farm that had been cultivated by his parents by paying 60 silver taler for it.

The farm has stayed in the family and been passed on from one generation to the next. Mikko Simolinna became the 7th generation owner in 1956.


In 1986, together with his colleagues, Mikko Simolinna founds a company focused on Information Builders Inc.’s software distribution and services.

With the new principals, Sybase, Business Objects and Informatica, the operation expands outside of Finland.

In 2000, United Software Distributors Oy is founded, which manages subsidiaries in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

In the next decade, software distribution mostly moves to the network and to the cloud and local presence in different countries is no longer necessary. Currently, the companies operate both in Finland and Estonia.

In the beginning of 2023 United Software Distributors Oy is merged to its mother company Oy M.S.I. Capital Ab.

Art Pukkila

Art is one of the targets of our investment activities. We have mainly invested in the works of Finnish artists.

We present the art works we have acquired on our website. If you are interested on some of our art works, please don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected]

”Eeva-Liisa Manner”, Hannu Rönkkönen 1997, Provenienssi Taiteilija/Artist


Isokyläntie 55
07560 Pukkila | Finland
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